Its Nabil Ck | Nabil Che Kholid – Nabil Ck Enterprise

Its Nabil Ck | Nabil Che Kholid – Nabil Ck Enterprise

Good Morning fellas, My name is Mohamad Nabil Che Kholid, and i’m a self made online business owner. Now, I’m operating at Exact Security Services at Ampang Jaya, Kl.

I finished College of Selangor, majoring in Business Management from year 2008 until 2012. Just what is my hobby or interest ? I don’t currently have different hobby to be exact realistically. But, right after i was in school during those times, i enjoy play physical activities example tennis, karate, sepak takraw, futsal, and many more nonetheless virtually all activity which i played is badminton of course. Light a tournament on badminton, may become first the individual to take part.

From relation to its education, appraisal express that i’m not so good in educative. My favourite subject is english language when compared maths and scientific research.

Nabil Che Kholid | Its Nabil Ck

I’m none a solid student or dreadful student. I’m in the center. That’s safer to share right.When i discussed earlier, right now i’m working at Exact Security Services, this firm had been hand down by my dad to me. I already working for Five years. We centering on supplying man power or guard to government sector and private sector.

Beside doing security services, my very own competence and knowledge is on the subject of online marketing. I actually have learnt of internet marketing whenever i’m web surfing. From creating a website, internet marketing, google adwords and facebook ads. These technique is the best for promotional. It’s a brand-new  skill that we all should learn. Reasons why ? Due to, each of these skill would probably in no way figure out at college as well as the university.Within the past 2 years, i its nabil ck have been taking part in a lot’s of talk and presentation. I found out that we all and also show up at if there’s any speech or talks events. normally be in the events is definitelythat particular you are able to meet new people, share knowledge, get new knowledge, and learn from the experts. For those that ought to succeed in their life, here a hints for you. Nabil Che Kholid No 1, happen to be encouragement whatever. people who have assurance, you’re able to do it exactly your way and need. No 2, spent time reading or utilizing the net for inner growth or personal development. Acquire more knowledge and talent the program could possibly be used your future. No 3, always wake early, why ? Have you ever heard this saying, only early bird catches the worm. This to ensure that you differ from other people. No 4, rarely quit or resign yourself. Once you always accomplishing anything of several things, you’ll lead to became fantastically dull of it or lazy working. This important habit might want to stop. When you are getting bored to death, you will need to find new thing or new skill to add to it. Maybe get a lot more that time or is maybe there any skill making it cost.

Before i finish my speech, i’m going to appreciate it every person for paying attention and always be confidence and don’t be concerned to determine new things in life. Be somebody in which unique from others and constantly believe in yourself.